A Unique Experience: Kid’s Day Out

Fanzone features 18-07-2015 PuneFC
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It was a day full of excitement, making new friends as well as vying for the honours through the medium of the beautiful game – football.

It was an encounter of a different kind where a fusion of two different Pune FC Soccer Schools’ centres faced off in a unique friendly series at the Pune FC Training Pitches at Mamurdi.

The two Pune FC centres who squared off were the trainees from Baner-based Freekick-Pune FC Soccer Schools and the Mamurdi-based Soccer Schools.

For the Baner-based centre, this opportunity was the first-of-its-kind competitive outing and the day out for the parents who were all eager to watch their wards play.


The friendly competition involved two teams from the Mamurdi centre, owing to the strength, and were coached by Soccer Schools’ Vinay Pawar. Meanwhile, the Baner-based centre fielded a single team coached by Onkar Kale.

The games were action-packed as the kids from all the teams enjoyed to the maximum. They dribbled, attacked, defended, scored and celebrated as the onlookers watched every move.


In a competition where the result was secondary, it was youngsters from the Freekick-Pune FC Soccer Schools who came top over their family counterparts from Mamurdi after two wins.

At the end of it all the one thing that everyone agreed to was that this should happen more often!

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