Academy Info

Pune FC has firmly believed in establishing a strong youth system that will go on to feed players both for its senior team as well as for the country. It was with this thought in mind that the PPFCA was formed in 2011.

The Peninsula Pune Football Club Academy (PPFCA) offers two year residential programmes for budding footballers. The players are offered all round training to not just become good footballers but good individuals. Ranjan Chowdhury is the Head of Youth Development at the PPFCA and amongst others he also closely monitors the players who have a potential to climb up the ladder and join the senior team.

Just like the senior club, the academy too has yielded results right from the start. The players from the academy won the newly-formulated Under-20 I-League twice in a row. The first one in its maiden year (2011-12) in Kalyani, West Bengal and the second in (2012-13) at Jamshedpur. The team has also won the All India Saras GOLD Cup Invitation tournament in 2011 and was the semifinalist at the 10th Aha GOLD Cup International-Invitational tournament in Nepal the same year.

The academy players have even gone on to win the Late Prakash Sonkar All India GOLD Cup at Indore in Madhya Pradesh and been runners up at the eighth edition of the Kedari Redekar United Cup All-India, Gadhinglaj in Kolhapur in the previous season.