School Contact Programme: Pune FC reaches out to JSPM’s Blossom School

Fanzone features 08-02-2015 PuneFC
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The JSPM’s Blossom School played perfect hosts to two players from Peninsula Pune FC Academy, namely midfielder Jesmon Soares and goalkeeper Sukhadev Patil. The duo visited the school as a part of Pune FC’s ongoing School Contact Programme on February 5.

The players conducted a drill session which featured agility drills and then ball drills. Post that, three groups were formed and awareness drills were conducted. After that the session concluded with a 10-minute short match.

Sukhadev and Jesmon also interacted with the enthusiastic students giving them info about some basic do’s and don’t’s in football. The students too asked questions about game and also regarding their respective positions on the football field, the practice sessions and what’s needed to succeed on the field.

Prior to the end of the event the principal of the school invited the players for a short chat and spoke about the game and its importance in the overall development of the children.

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