School Contact Programme: Pune FC reaches out to Symbiosis, Prabhat Road

Fanzone features 07-02-2015 PuneFC
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Prabhat Road-based Symbiosis School played enthusiastic hosts to Pune FC’s senior team players defender Salam Ranjan Singh and midfielder Mumtaz Akhtar. The two players visited the school as chief guests of Pune FC’s School Contact Programme on Saturday, 7th February, 2015.

The audience which comprised of school children had a hands on experience of playing a match with the two chief guests coaching and instructing their respective assigned teams.

Ranjan and Mumtaz not only mentored the young players, but also instructed them on the finer nuances and the tactical skills to be employed during the game.

After the game, the duo spoke about the different aspects of football, the experiences of being a professional football player and also about the importance of having a professional outlook while playing the game. The children in turn also asked them questions about their growing up days, where they played the sport prior to Pune FC and what kind of training and regime is required to succeed at the highest level as professional footballers.

While the players happily answered the questions of the enthusiastic audience, the school authorities, in turn, felicitated them with flowers and mementoes.

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